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• Fostering the understanding of automated mineralogy
• Detail the analytical procedure
• Determine the methodology involved

• Demonstrate the value to discoveries and optimisation
• Affordable fast turn-around time
• Train personnel to optimise data returns
• Support site specific developments and integration
• Facilitate network of skilled consultants and operators
• Foster ongoing developments of technologies

What we are about

The Automated mineralogy incubator (AMI) is a  collaboration aiming to support the implementation of integrated automated mineralogical solutions in industry.

The incubator brings together best-in-class instrumentation and an experienced  mineralogical geological and metallurgical team.

The AMI has a range of services and a number of different models available to it’s customers but they all aim to provide an economical low risk pathway to demonstrating the value of automated mineralogy.

In support of the above efforts the AMI creates a focal point to develop a community of users and establish supporting training, collaborations and services.

Meet the team

A Depth of Broad Ranging Experience

Zofia Swierczek
Zofia Swierczek
Principal Mineralogist
Zofia is a tertiary educated mineralogist with extensive experience in the characterisation of ore bodies and the geometallurgical samples from a...
Dr Jing Li
Dr Jing Li
Principal Geometallurgist
Dr Jing Li is an applied mineralogist and spectral geoscientist with more than 15 years experiences in ore deposit research, mineral exploration...
Victor Nogueira
Victor Nogueira
Geometallurgist/Process Mineralogist
Victor Nogueira Geometallurgist/Process Mineralogist Victor is a geologist and has experience working in mining operations with geometallurgy and...
Alejandro Fayad
Alejandro Fayad
Alejandro FayadGeologist/Mineralogist Alejandro holds a Masters in Geology/Earth Science from Curtin University and degree in Geology from...
AMI Team
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