In addition to automated mineralogy analysis by the TIMA-X, the AMI provides access to a number of other services:

  • Metallurgical sample preparation (most important, see below)
  • Thin sections on core sample preparation & analysis
  • Training on automated mineralogy principles
  • TIMA software training (introductory and advanced)
  • Chemical analysis including XRD, XRF and ICP
  • Advanced microanalysis tools via collaborating members
  • Mineralogical, metallurgical and geological consultants
  • Metallurgical

Sample Preparation and Analysis

An integral component of automated mineralogy on samples from a metallurgical process plant is size by size mineralogical analysis.  It is vital that best practice is applied to sub- sampling and preparation to ensure that the final result is accurately representative. The samples need to be separated into size fractions using sieves for size fractions above 53 µm (or 38 µm) and then a cyclosizer for the smaller fractions C1-C5.  The AMI outsources the sizing to local qualified labs in Perth.

After drying and weighing, the sized fraction is ready to be prepared for TIMA analysis. The samples are set in resin blocks that are then cross cut, reset, polished and carbon coated ready to be analysed by the instrument.

The AMI does all sample preparation in-house. This ensures that customers have both consistency and best practice. It also allows us to offer rapid turnaround times to customers who present us with samples that have already been sized.

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Automated Mineralogy Training

AMI has trained operators who are committed to helping you to learn the art of automated mineralogy. They are able to provide basic and advanced user training, and are there to assist you in gaining an in-depth understanding of the technique and operating principles such that you will be able to run your own samples and to use the data produced to improve the efficiency of your workflow.

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TIMA Software Training

The software that runs the TIMA-X is user-friendly, sophisticated and extremely capable. To get the maximum benefit out of it, our trained operators are happy to sit with you to get you up and running in the shortest possible time and to help you generate data that you can rely on.

Introductory and advanced training is available and for members, an offline version of the software is available so you can process data locally, away from the actual instrument.

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Chemical Analysis

AMI have access to a range of other analytical instruments. Some are available in-house, while others are available through AMI collaborators. Some of these include:

  • XRF
  • XRD

These can be used to complement data obtained on the TIMA-X or as an alternative.

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Advanced Microanalysis Tools via Collaborating Members

Some projects may require correlative microanalysis using other techniques such as EMPA, SHRIMP, RAMAN or Laser Ablation.   The AMI can arrange for additional services  with its collaborative members.

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Mineralogical, Metallurgical and Geological Consultation

The AMI has in-house mineralogy experts who are available to carry out or assist with mineralogical analyses. They are available to provide independent third party advice as well as assist with automated mineralogy scoping studies.

They have access to a range of additional analytical tools such as XRD and XRF that can be used to carry out detailed mineralogical analyses.

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