Dr. Kamran Khajehpour

Electron Microscopist

Kamran is an expert electron microscopist. He has a Ph.D in nanotechnology where he developed his skills in electron microscopy. Since then he has refined those skills by attending TESCAN operator training as well as gaining more hands-on experience at various installations around Australia. As such he understands the intricacies of the system as well as many application-based complexities.

He has also used and been trained on many associated technologies including EDX and other microanalysis techniques, EBL, Raman etc. His background in materials and nanotechnology enables him to understand both the application and relevance of these technologies.

He has also trained many operators in the operation of SEMs, in particular TESCAN systems. He is able to run you through the operation of the TIMA-X, starting from basic concepts through to more advance operation.

To ensure he keeps his skills up-to-date, he regularly undergoes factory training to make sure he is qualified to talk about the latest products and developments as well as to provide system training. He is also a regular speaker at conferences and workshops.