Instrument Access

AMI members benefit from access to the latest TIMA-X automated mineralogy system. This is the fastest system available with four detectors and a 100 position automated sample changer. This is the only system of its type in Australia.

The 100 position automated sample changer minimises the amount of human intervention required whilst at the same time enabling you to queue 24/7 uninterrupted runs. Samples can be analysed as 25 mm or 30 mm diameter resin blocks. Other sample sizes can be accepted on request.

Once a sample is prepared, an AMI member can access the TIMA via a number of different methods. In all cases there is a flat fee per sample plus a calculated hourly rate for use of instrument. The more instrument access a member requires, the cheaper the hourly rate will become.

TIMA-X automated mineralogy solution with 100 sample autoloader instrument access

Hourly Access

Hourly Access is a flexible entry-level option. Costing varies by the level of hours purchased. At the beginning an hourly rate includes reporting but the aim of the incubator is to work with a customer towards a Rapid Service option. With a Rapid Service option data from instrument is streamed directly to cloud storage allowing for rapid turnaround of results. Data from this service is processed on a local software licence giving the customer a rich and powerful software environment to analyse, manage and report from. Hourly access can also be charged on a per sample basis where sample timing is known or a project basis as  required.

Timeshare Access

Timeshare is also available to Operational Members. Plans are available where a customer commits to using at least 15h/week of the instrument time. Timeshare is the most economical and offers the fastest turnaround for customers. Timeshare requires a customer to have a reasonably predictable sample load to ensure best service.


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