TIMA-X – Next Generation Automated Mineralogy Solution

TESCAN TIMA-X automated mineralogy solutionTIMA-X combines BSE and EDX analysis to identify minerals and create mineral images that are analysed to determine mineral concentrations, element distributions, and mineral texture properties such as grain-size, association, liberation and locking parameters. TIMA-X can also search for bright phases containing platinum group, gold, silver, rare earth and other minerals.

TIMA-X uses up to four EDAX Element silicon drift detectors for greater sensitivity to light elements and operating at high count rates. The new software has many unique features including a new generation of mineral identification tools. This can be accessed in real time both on and off the instrument and automatically updates your data. Another feature is its patented pixel analysis algorithms that enables low element detection limits

TIMA-X detectors are fully compatible with both TIMA operation and EDAX Quantitative EDX systems and allow the user to enjoy the full speed of TIMA-X while maintaining the capabilities of standard-based quantitative analyses.

Autoloader-for-TIMA-XFor high-throughput applications, it can be fitted with the AutoLoader™ – a robotic sample loading system for 24/7 unattended measurement of up to 100 epoxy blocks. AutoLoader increases productivity by transforming mineralogy measurement from a batch to a continuous process by eliminating manual sample exchanges and chamber pump-down with no additional calibration/focusing required.

Unique Features

  • Complete integration of all hardware and software components allowing for a faster seamless analysis
  • Data available for classifying & reporting as soon as individual measurement finished
  • AutoLoader™ for 24/7 continuous and unattended automated operations of large sample sets
  • Summing of low-count spectra for lower detection limits

Key Hardware Features

  • SEM column with FEG or W electron beam source
  • Up to four integrated EDX detectors for faster analysis
  • Compatible with full-function standards-based quantita­tive EDX analysis
  • All components are supplied and maintained by TESCAN with no third party support needed

Key Software Features

  • One software to collect, process and interpret data both on and off the instrument.
  • Comprehensive offline mineral re­classification, investigation, image processing, reporting and interpre­tation functions
  • A catalogue of workbooks for saving groups of images, charts and tables that is easily transferred between projects
  • Accurate SEM field stitching
  • Built-in interactive, detailed, context sensitive user help manual
  • Built-in custom spectral analysis tools to help in identification and composition
    • EDX analysis for chemical composition directly from measurements
    • Tool kit for easy addition of new phases from measured sum spectra, compositions, formulae and spectral standards
    • Mineral library look-up of 4700 mineral compositions and simulated or imported spectra to compare with generated data
TIMA-X automated mineralogy solution with 100 sample autoloader.