Struers – World Leaders in Materialographic Sample Preparation

Struers is the world’s leading manufacturer of equipment, consumables, and services for materialographic surface preparation and analysis of solid materials. Their core business is developing, manufacturing, and delivering materialographic preparation and hardness testing solutions. Struers is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark and have representative offices all over the world.

Materialographers recognise Struers as the leading supplier of materialographic equipment solutions of the highest caliber. They benefit from a unique source of knowledge and expertise, enabling them to achieve optimal value from their investment.

Locally, Struers Australia is headquartered in Brisbane Australia. Highly experienced Australian staff provide application knowledge, technical sales and service support. Customers benefit from application support and training in our ultra-modern Brisbane sample preparation laboratory

Struers Hexamatic Automated Sample preparation System

Hexamatic is the latest generation of completely automatic Struers sample preparation systems. The release of this new generation system is the culmination of an extensive design and development process, intended to ensure the Hexamatic meets the highest standards of automation, efficiency, precision, occupational health and safety and result reproducibility

Hexamatic has been developed with two main design aims. The first is to be a high volume workhorse, ready to prepare large numbers of highly polished samples in the shortest possible time, providing total automation with process monitoring. This is especially suited to the Automated Mineralogy segment where batches of samples need to be prepared precisely and consistently. The second aim for Hexamatic is to offer a versatile preparation platform catering to those users that employ different preparation methods for a variety of materials in small sample batches and those that want a precise and reproducible preparation result, every time!

The advantages in operating the fully automatic Hexamatic are quite apparent when an organisation considers the savings in labour costs, combined with the additional benefits of speed, higher reproducibility, the ability to prepare a variety of materials at the touch of a button, decreased consumables usage and of course, the very latest in safety features.