Automated Mineralogy Incubator Membership

We understand that implementing automated mineralogy solutions like the TIMA-X into your workflow can be daunting. Hence, we have devised a simple Automated Mineralogy Incubator membership structure that will help you to understand and adopt automated mineralogy in a low cost, low risk manner.  In addition to standard membership there are sponsors who have made the AMI possible and Collaborators who add their own expertise to support  AMI members.


There are a number of key organisations that have been crucial in getting the AMI concept and facilities off the ground and that continue to support the operations of the AMI.  These organisations support the operations financially and in contributing instrumentation and/or expertise to the project

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Collaborative Members are research institutes or service providers that work with the AMI to offer services to members. The AMI encourages and is openly  seeking companies and individuals who are interested in collaborating and have skills that can support its members.


Membership gives full access to the AMI facilities including sample preparation and instrument analysis. Membership includes the initial mineral characterisation for a particular site. Components of this are preparation of the sample into resin blocks, instrument time and a consultant mineralogist to analyse the data and the preparation of the mineral classification scheme for the TIMA-X. Standard membership includes basic off-line software for the reviewing of datasets or other options as desired for reporting of results. As an option a member may request access to a full  TIMA software licence. This powerful ‘offline’ software includes the full functionality of the TIMA automated mineralogy application. The customer is trained to use the software and takes ownership of raw data for interpretation and reporting. In this type of membership, the cost of running each sample is more economical and as the analysis and interpretation of the data is done in-house gaining  faster access to results.

Membership Inclusions

Standard and Operational Membership includes:

  • Access to AMI seminars and training.
  • Mineralogy Classification for one site (includes sample resin block preparation and analysis)
  • Full unrestricted TIMA software licence (powerful ‘offline’ software with full functionality)
  • Unlimited storage with live cloud data connection with NBN
  • Access to economical sample preparation and other services
  • Hourly access to AMI automated mineralogy system
  • Timeshare access options automated mineralogy system