Automated Mineralogy Incubator – About Us

The Automated Mineralogy Incubator (AMI) is an AXT initiative as a bridge to research and industry. It was established to provide economic access to new and disruptive technologies for which AXT is the distributor. We have a world class mineralogical and metallurgical team to enable you to implement the technology’s into your operations.

Many new technologies remain in the realms of universities and research organisations. With advances in hardware, automation and powerful, user friendly software they can now be integrated into the mine value chain including minesite geology and process metallurgy design. The stepwise approach begins with an introduction to the real world applications of the outputs, leading to small projects to prove the benefits. The AMI expert team optimise the sample preparation, analysis and GeoMet outputs for your requirements. With training in all aspects of the work flow including sample prep, software and the mineralogical and geometallurgical interpretation you take little steps to independence for your own applications.

The AMI team is passionate about the latest technologies for the mining industry and seeing it implemented into plants to bring about:

  • Process improvements
  • Gains in efficiency
  • Improved recoveray rates
  • Increased profitability

We currenty offer you access to:

AMI Team - Automated mineralogy
Autoloader-for-TIMA-XElemission coriosity LIBS core scanner
Automated Mineralogy
Automated LIBS Core Analysis